Commercial & Residential Properties
LA Gardens services both commercial and residential properties. It doesn’t matter if you just want the gardens to look neat and tidy week after week or if you want an attention to detail on each and every garden. We do that.

Fall Putting Your Beds to Bed
Winter in Ontario has become very unpredictable. So why would you leave gardening work until the spring? Let the LA Gardens team prepare your garden beds in the fall, clean up the debris and make sure your investment is well protected for the coming winter for whatever Mother Nature and Old Man Winter have to throw at us. The LA Gardens Team likes to create ‘winter interest’ in your gardens and ensure if there is very little snow this year, the gardens are still pretty.

Spring Clean Up
There is always a lot to do in the spring. This is the time to prune shrubs to ensure their health and maximum flower production. It’s also the time to divide and conquer the perennials that want to take over the world and we need to make space for some new plants that will add wonderful colour and interest to your gardens.

Maintenance Programs

Weekly – If you are the type of person that wants to have beautiful gardens but really don’t like to touch the dirt, this is the program for you. When you get home on the weekend you can garden by walking through and looking at the wonderful job you have done this week. It’s very freeing.
Bi-weekly – If your gardens have been maintained over the years but you are now finding you just don’t have the time to spend on them, don’t let them get overgrown or invaded upon by grasses or those perennials that like to take over the world. Let LA Gardens come in every other week to weed, edge and hedge, divide perennials, prune during the appropriate time for the plants, and keep an overall tended and loved appearance to your landscape.
Monthly – You like to garden but there are some jobs you just don’t like to do or can’t get to in the time you have to spend. Make a list and let LA Gardens come in once a month to keep things looking neat and tidy. We will edge the gardens to keep the grass out, hedge the shrubs throughout the season and keep them looking spectacular.

Annual/Perennial/Bulb Planting
Looking to add a burst of colour to your existing beds or you need to fill in a newly planted perennial garden? Annuals are the answer. Jen and LA have a vast knowledge of what works well, what stands out, and which colour combinations will create that wow factor in your landscape.

Hoping to fight the winter blues? Have the LA team put in lots of bulbs in the fall. You will be amazed at how those cheerful colours help in late March to May.

Of course we plant perennials, they are LA’s favourite. They produce year after year, can be pruned and add such wonderful structure to the landscape whether it’s an evergreen, a deciduous shrub that creates winter interest or plants that we watch poke their heads back out of the ground every spring. There are so many to choose from and they make a garden wonderful.

Curb Appeal
Planning to sell your house but it doesn’t feel like the curb appeal is where it should be? Let LA Gardens come in and turn heads when they turn into your laneway. It’s amazing what a power wash of the walkway, adding some splashy planters, defining the edges of the garden and driveway and cutting back or taking out a shrub or two, and adding a few annuals can do for a home on the market. Let us know if we can help you to get that ‘wow factor’ before they walk through the door.

Soil & Mulch Amendments
Just like we need to add fluids and vitamins to our body, your gardens need to have composted soil and in some cases mulch added to keep it alive and vibrant. You can discuss with the team where your money will be best spent on amending your soil and where adding a layer of mulch will be of the most benefit to your gardens for cultural and visual advantages.

Small Shrub and Tree Pruning
If it’s less than 8 feet tall we will be happy to shape your shrubs and trees. Many shrubs that are left in the landscape to fend for themselves year after year benefit greatly from a regenerative pruning or cutback. LA has a vast knowledge of this process and with the help of her staff can have a shrub that many may want to pull out and throw away looking magnificent again in just a few short years. Talk to them about the best plan of action for your specific circumstance.

Basic Garden Renovations
We do not profess to be Designers. Laurie-Ann has studied design through Guelph Univsersity and Jen has studied through Landscape Ontario. We understand the basics of design which benefits your gardens and overall landscape as we maintain it throughout the year. If you have a request for a shrub to be replaced or added we will be happy to discuss. If you need retaining walls, and large garden design we have wonderful and talented contacts that will be happy to help you with the Garden Design of your dreams.

Lawn Maintenance
Want to stop spending your precious time cutting the lawn on the weekends? Let LA Gardens take care of the cutting and edging of your property. Fertilization programs are also available as well as pest and disease assessments.

Pots & Planters
Do you want to add a splash of colour at the front door, around the pool, or fill a blank space in your landscape; container planting adds life and vitality to your home. From individual planters to creating a whole vista of containers LA Gardens can give you an array of colour or that tropical feel we dream of all winter. They offer programs from Traditional to Trending to Tropical. You can have a single planter to brighten your front door for the summer or have it change with the seasons including a winter/Christmas version. Talk to LA or Jen about all they have to offer to make your Pots and Planters all they can be.